The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit Unleash Your Creativity

Tattooing is all about being creative, but to become one, you also need certain skills and tools. That’s when the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit comes to the scene; as a high-quality set, it’s not only suitable for beginners but professionals as well. The advanced features and top-notch components will help bring your imagination to life more quickly and easily.

Precision Rotary Tattoo Pen

The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit features a rotary tattoo pen at its core. It has a double ball bearing motor, so the pen remains stable, ensuring your designs are precisely drawn. Made of space aluminum alloy, this pen is extremely durable and low-vibration, while it also has a 0 – 4.5 mm needle protrusion and 3.5 mm stroke, making it easy and hassle-free to draw with it.

Professional Wormhole Cartridges Needles

The kit comes with 60 Wormhole Cartridges Needles, the reputable choice for those considering a purchase. These quality cartridges are very good at keeping and releasing an ink supply, helping you finally create stunning and bright designs. Made of PVC material and surgical steel, these high-end needles are sterile and have individual packaging.

Smooth Dual Control Tattoo Power Supply

The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit offers a dual-mode power supply with built-in self-developed tactile control and automatic protection functions. Whether you want to connect two devices at once or alternate between pens, the power will do its job perfectly. Regardless of whether you are shaping, shadowing, or highlighting, this CNC power supply will work stably and reliably to provide optimal output voltage.

Full Tattoo Kit for All Professionals and Beginners

An excellent daily solution suitable for various professionals and beginners all over the country. It contains 20 tattoo inks with 60 cartridge needles and a power supply unit that helps you give free reign to your professional skills. If you are a beginner trying to improve your design or a professional working with clients, this kit is right for you.

Warning and Customer Service

Please note this beginner tattoo kit is meant for practice only. If you are not a professional artist, please avoid applying ink on humans’ skin. Additionally, Wormhole offers excellent 24-hour customer service, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact them, and their well-qualified support will solve your problem.


In conclusion, the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is a go-to option for anyone in love with tattooing. The Wormhole machine is a sign of precision and professionalism; combined with high-quality Wormhole cartridges needles and a dual control CNC power supply, it enables you to create outstanding tattoos in minutes. It is an excellent choice for beginning artists needing to perfect their technique quickly and professionals looking for the best materials.

Feel the Freedom of Tattooing with the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit

Tattooing is a craft, but it is more importantly a way of expressing oneself. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or just starting out, the right tools can make all the difference. The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit was designed for this very purpose: it is a versatile set of equipment that features everything you might need to make breathtaking tattoos. 

Precisely Crafted Rotary Tattoo Pen 

The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is a comprehensive solution for novices and professionals alike. It consists of a rotary tattoo pen with an RCA cord, power supply with cable, 40 cartridge needles, foot pedal, and bandage. You can start tattooing right away with this pen kit. The pen was crafted with the help of CNC-carved aluminum alloy. Thanks to such production materials, your tool will serve you long and stay stable. This pen has a needle protrusion of 0 – 4mm and a depth of 4mm; the available speed is 10V-1W r/min, and this is perfect precision for shading and lining. 

Wireless Tattoo Power Supply 

One of the most outstanding elements about the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is the wireless tattoo power supply. A rechargeable battery pack can save you the inconvenience of lengthy charging : two hours can deliver you four hours of an uninterrupted session. The kit features adjustable voltage settings as well as a power protection function.

Easy to Charge & Carry

The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is also easy to charge and carry, thanks to its high compatibility with mobile phone adapters. Regardless of whether you are in your studio or out and about, you can count on this kit for the flexibility and freedom that you need to embody your best potential. 

A Perfect Gift for Loved Ones 

Additionally, this is also the perfect gift to give to the tattoo artist or fan in your life. With an attractive design, comprehensive features, and high-quality components, they are bound to love this device. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

At Wormhole, we promise to manufacture the underpins draught equipment by providing the optimal quality of products with the perfect buying journey. Therefore, if you experience any drawing feelings concerning our Tattoo pen kit accessories feel free to get in touch with us and we will replace them and promise to give you satisfaction. 


In conclusion, the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is a crucial purchase for ink junkies in the market. With a precision rotary tattoo pen, wireless tattoo power supply, and numerous features, this kit provides everything you need in one kit. Finally, it is recommendable for beginners sharpening their skills to professionals looking for reliable instruments.

Special Offer: Begin Your Tattoo Journey with the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit

Tattooing is not an easy task since it is a form of art that necessitates mastery and the use of the proper equipment. If you are a novice tattoo artist ready to embark on your tattooing voyage or a confident artist looking for impeccable pen kits, our Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Equipment is the answer. It meets all your tattooing requirements while allowing you to create magnificent tattoos easily and accurately. 

Wormhole Professional Tattoo Pen

The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit has at its core the professional tattoo pen, which is made with aluminum alloy to ensure it is more stable and stronger. It has relatively low noise and a motor for great power. Therefore, this tattoo gun is suitable for both shading and lining. It operates with a 6-8V voltage input and has RPM 8000 and a 4mm stroke length, and this ensures an exceptional user experience and enables you to control your capacity to precision. 

Key Advantages of the Tattoo Kit

Our Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is a unique and comfortable tattoo device in that the wireless tattoo pen is compatible with all standard needles. With different types of tattoos and bold outlines, the tattoo pen makes conversion between cartridge needles and voltage adjustment a snap. Since you can perform any tattoo task without fear, your clients will have a pleasant time during the procedure and be more precise.

Convenient and portable Design 

Wormhole wireless tattoo machine kit comes with mini tattoo power supply specially designed for easy use. Within a few easy steps, you can connect all parts of the tattoo kit and start using it. The wireless tattoo power supply will free from electric wire load and do your tattoo art freely without welcoming problems of wire connections. In addition, the portable size of the tattoo power supply enables you a comfortable charging option and carry. You might carry it outside for tattooing in an outdoor environment. 

High-Quality Power Supply 

The dual control tattoo power supply has a new power technology and design. For long life and quality, the automatic protection feature is also available on the power supply. Voltage can cut off automatically if the tattoo pen needle faces abnormalities or the other disturbances. The tattoo power supply has a high-quality battery pack of 1050mAh that gives more life to the device without charging after some duration. 

Warranty and Customer 

At wormhole, we are highly concerned about our product quality and our customer’s preferences. Therefore, you get a 12 month warranty over the tattoo gun and power supply and 6 month warranty over the tattoo RCA cord and foot pedal. In case of any damaged items that are under warranty, we provide a free replacement service or repairment . Wormhole has a professional team in customer service that is 24/7 online to assist you.


The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is the total package for tattoo artists at any level of expertise. The professional tattoo pen, the versatile tattoo kit, the convenience, the power supply, and the customer satisfaction policy is a complete package to unlock your regular tattooing potential. The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is just the ideal equipment for artworks, newbies, and advanced alike to get you into that training mode – with more smiles and zeal.