Offering the Potential for Unlocking Innovation 

The world of tattooing has developed in various ways and developments in technology have continued to bring about significant changes in the sector. One of the innovations that continues to shape the industry is the use of Wireless Tattoo Power Supply. The device has become popular among tattoo artists across the globe because of its numerous conveniences and precision. 

Wireless Connectivity

The power supply is designed with a transmitter, which eliminates the need for the cords that hound tattoo artists every waking day. The transmitter thus eliminates the cords which are a significant source of restrictions by giving the tattoo artist freedom to use the power supply from whatever distance. 


The Wireless Tattoo Power Supply can be used with a broad array of tattoo machines, including rotary tattoo machines and tattoo guns . the flexibility that comes with this power supply boosts versatility which is soon becoming a defining parameter for quality in the sector. 

Designed for Easy Use

The power supply comes equipped with a large high-brightness LED screen and an intuitive LCD, making it easier to monitor speed, voltage, amperage, speed, duty cycle, and follow-through these figures are essential in the tattooing sector, and having a tool that offers them guarantees efficiency. 

Programmable Presets 

The device can be programmed to work in a range of ways that are more user-friendly. 

The Liner and Shader Presets

The wireless tattoo power supply device can alternatively be preset to work best with shader and line machines and automatic preset functions that guarantee efficient functioning and minimize the time taken to make changes. 

Non-volatile memory

Wireless Tattoo Power Supply has a nonvolatile memory that will make sure that, in case there is a power loosening, you won’t lose data. 

Unleash Your Creativity 

Wireless Tattoo Power Supply ensures maximum creativity exudation by your tattoo artist. Thus, you stand to benefit a lot. 

Efficiency and Precision

You may experience the ideal design concept on your tattoo artists through the machine. At times, the expert may disappoint you. However, make it real by installing the Wireless Tattoo Power Supply on the tattoo machine. 

Unlocking the Potential of Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

In tattooing, precision, comfort, and convenience are essential for both the tattoo artist and the person being tattooed. As new technologies emerge, a Wireless Tattoo Power Supply has been introduced that allows unrestrained tattooing. In this post, we introduce the Wireless Tattoo Power Supply and explain how this innovation changes the tattooing experience. Esthetic will help you get the most out of it. 

WI-LI Wireless Tattoo Power Supply 

The WI-LI Tattoo Power Supply by TTOOGO is an award-winning, groundbreaking tattooing tool. The Wireless Tattoo Power Supply operates wirelessly and is small and portable, giving the tattoo artist a unique sense of freedom. 

Wireless power supply for almost unrestricted tattooing 

One of the features of the WI-LI Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is the wireless power supply. A tattoo artist doesn’t have to use a power cord, and it helps him tattoo freely. This eliminates the need for usb connection and provides further comfort during the tattoo procedure. Furthermore, tattooing artists have additional control over the tattooing process with an inquiry system. 

Ultra-Compact and Lightweight Design

Highest portability and lightness as an essential factor measurings 5.6 x 3.6 x 4.7 cm and weighing only 55 grams; the WI-LI Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is extremely small and light. This is highly welcome for the artist’s comfort, and he will bring a tattoo sleeve to the finalisation process.

Rapid Charging and Extended Battery Life: 

The WI-LI Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is powered by a robust 1950mAh battery that offers exceptional fast charging and long battery life. With just a 3-hour charge time via a 5V/1A charger, the WI-LI powers 5 to 8 hours of continuous use across various tattoo machines. Thus, ensuring the dependability and stamina needed for longer tattoo sessions and allowing artists to dedicate themselves to their craft without any interference. 

Intuitive Control and Voltage Tuning: 

This WI-LI Wireless Tattoo Power Supply feature is highly secure and even has voltage adjustment capabilities. With just a simple button push, tattoo artists can change the working voltage in 0.1V increments, ensuring the highest level of customization for your tattooing requirements. Additionally, the LCD screen keeps you informed with real-time status updates, ensuring optimal performance during a tattoo. 

Precision and Stamina for Professional Results: 

WI-LI Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is designed to be precise and robust and has a working voltage range of 4V-11V. This makes it highly accurate and ensures that it never loses concentration on the details by your tattoo artists. Additionally, the Solid build ensures that it will deliver for years to come, ensuring it will be your trusty companion in tattooing for the long haul. 

Power of Wireless Tattooing: How Wireless Tattoo Power Supply Elevates Tattooing Experience Across Dimensions: Mobility, Convenience, and Efficacy

Tattooing is a dynamic field, and little changes go a long way in elevating the experience for the artists and the clients. Mobility, convenience, and reliability are becoming prime factors and dimensions for enhancing the tattooing experience. As the world is turning to wireless technology, tattoo artists now have the freedom of movement and flexibility in tattooing thanks to the Wireless Tattoo Power Supply innovation. This paper highlights the features and benefits of such power and how this is revolutionizing the tattoo process for both the artists and the audience.

What is Wireless Tattoo Power Supply?

The Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is one of a kind that is developed by TTOOGO, a portable powerhouse that allows tattoo artists to easily pull through the voltage for their active work. It has innumerable features such as portable, long-life batteries, and voltage that combine to propel tattoo artists to the next level. Some of its features and benefits include:

Long-life battery

The Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is equipped with a 1400mAh battery that powers the mechanism for hours without breakdown. It is capable of working at a stretch for more than 8 hours, which makes the artist concentrate on their work rather than charging the machine now and then. As a result, it increases productivity and efficiency in tattoo studios.

One hand ease 

It has one-hand ease mechanisms that are enabled by buttons specifically designed for one-handed use. The innovation makes the artist turn power on and off without having to interrupt the process at work. It also eases the amperage and machine voltage while at work, hence creating an amazing tattooing experience.

Portable Design

The Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is the perfect portable power-pack that weighs just 71.2 grams, and provides on-the-go tattoo artists with the mobility they need. 

Wide Voltage Range

With a voltage range output of 4.2V to 12V, this power supply unit is capable of handling all tattoo applications of lining, shading, and coloring.

RCA Power Port

The RCA power port connected power supply runs on most tattoo machines on the market for universal connectivity. 



Embrace the Future of TattooingIn conclusion, the WI-LI Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is an ingenious new innovation in tattooing. The WI-LI provides wireless performance, a compact form factor, fast charging, and solid controls to transform your tattooing practice for both artists and people. To elevate their artwork to new heights, artists should adopt modern technology and cutting-edge innovation. The WI-LI Wireless Tattoo Power Supply is the perfect device for all artists to embrace modern technological advancements in tattooing and unlock new potentials.


Presuming you house the tattoo artist, this article will inform you about accessing the wire tattoo power supply. I would recommend this tattoo power supply to all tattoo Power lovers. With the introduction and advancement of technology in tattooing, one of the key considerations that any future artist needs to consider is accommodation for mobility.