Wireless tattoo pens have changed the tattooing game, giving artists much more freedom and flexibility. In this guide, we will explore several wireless tattoo pens, including their features and benefits and what makes one stand out from the other. 1. Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Pen

The Mast Archer Wireless

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Tattoo Pen Machine is certainly one of the best tattoo pen choices. Its features include the following:

Custom Motor: The motor is custom because of the Mast coreless operation at 12V-10500rpm that guarantees the minimum vibrations during tattoos.

One-Piece Body Design: The whole body design is excellent, as it is a one-piece and provides excellent handling, grip, and control.

Battery Life: The battery has 2,000mAh battery with a continuous usage time of 8 hours.

Safety: It has an overcharge and short-circuit protection and temperature control.

Compatibility: It is also compatible with all sizes of cartridge needles.

Ink Quality: The included tattoo ink is remarkable as Mast is known for its vivid and long-lasting color quality.


Efficiency and Reliability: The custom motor is super-efficient, providing smooth tattooing, and the long battery life ensures a considerable period of work.

Safety First: It is safer than most pens out there as it has an overcharge and short circuit protection.

Versatility: The needles’ compatibility covers all needs and styles of tattoos the artist desires to make.

Comfort and Ergonomics: It is also great for back as the design is ergonomic for less fatigue during long sessions. 

2. Dragonhawk Atom X Wireless Tattoo Pen

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The Dragonhawk Atom X is another wireless tattoo pen that features the following attributes:

Motor: The engine is a Japanese coreless.

Battery Life: It has a 2000mAh battery that allows you to work for 8 hours.

Speed Control: There is a precise speed control dial.

Compatibility: It is compatible with most cartridge needles.

Non-vibrational Operation: This tattooing machine enjoying the art of extending your memory on your clients without vibration, making it a fantastic product. 

Long-lasting battery: enables the artist to receive a few patches without taking time to recharge Adjustment knob Scalp enables the artist to set the speed. 

3. Cheyenne Hawk Unio Tattoo Pen, All-in-1 Tattooing Machine, Adjustable Stroke, Professional For All Types of Lines and Shading, Black Unio Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited is a premium wireless tattoo pen machine with various community features: 

Price: $660.00

 ($660.00$660.00 / Count)

Brushless DC motor

The battery lasts 10 hours. App-domotivated settings for your smartphone. A streamlined design for optimal dimensions and ergonomics. It is compatible with Cheyenne cartridge needles. The Machine has a brushless DC motor, which helps in consistently give a high-quality tattoo at a fast pace. It has a powerful battery that can take the artist for several sessions. A specialized app on a smartphone helps the artist tweak the machines to the tune they want. It is designed in Good size and ergonomic design Mast Tour SINY 2019 Professional Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Kit Mast Pro Tattoo Cartridges 20pcs Disposable NeedlesPrimal Voltage Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit Wireless Power Supply, 20Pcs Disposable Needles Cartridges 

Features: Brand: MAST TATTOO Product: 

Mast Tour Tattoo Machine Pro Cartridges Needles Water Resistance: 

Water Resistant Quantity:

 20 Pieces Age Group:

 Adult Description: 

M ast Tour SiNY 2019 tattoo pen machine is best for precise tattoo making; 

The rotational motor embedded in this machine not only increases throughput per unit time but also maintains tattoo quality. The in-built Mast Pro purple tattoo cartridges are perfect for reuse and clean up.

Brand: Dragonhawk Tattoo Pen Machine Kit Atom M6 Water Resistant 1 Piece Adults Description: 

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Brand: MAST TATTOO Product: Mast Tour Tattoo Machine Pro Cartridges Needles Water Resistance: Water Resistant Quantity: 20 Pieces Age Group: Adults Description: The Mast Tour SINE 2019 tattoo pen machine is a popular choice for precise tattoo work, featuring an upgraded motor for speed and quality. The included Mast Pro purple tattoo cartridges are versatile and easy to clean.

Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit Cartridges Needles Power Supply

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The Atom M6 tattoo pen kit by Dradonhawk is a great pack for beginners, providing a 4.0mm stroke machine for fine lining, which is suitable for all types of skin. It includes a tattoo pen, power supply, 20 cartridge needles, foot pedal, and a bandage. The product is of pen type and is lightweight, which can ensure the precision of the final picture. The kit also includes a wireless tattoo battery, along with the guarantee for numerous components numbers.


Therefore, when picking a wireless tattoo pen, it is important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Each device in question offers different characteristics and benefits, focusing on different styles of tattoos and artist requirements. Whether you need a longer-lasting battery, advanced precision, or a convenient tool you can modify in any aspect, you should find a perfect solution. Make sure to read and compare the suggestions above, as acquiring the best option can significantly improve your work.


About Wireless Tattoo Pen Below are the questions and answers that can help understand the use of Wireless tattoo pen: 

  1. What is a wireless tattoo pen?

Answer: A wireless tattoo pen is a handheld device for tattooing. It operates on the energy of the rechargeable battery inside and does not need any cable or wire to be linked to the power source to be used. 

  1. What are the advantages of using wireless tattoo pens? 

Answer: Wireless tattoo pen is advantageous due to many aspects, such as: Portability: It allows you more freedom to step away from the guide when you are ready to tattoo. Less vibration: With a large amount of wireless pen, less vibration than guide.

Durable Power Supply : Fitted with high-capacity batteries to support prolonged tattooing sessions Ergonomics: These pens are often designed with ergonomic grips for improved comfort during lengthy tattoo sessions. 

  1. How do I go about choosing the wireless tattoo pen that best fits my needs? 

Answer: The selection of the appropriate wireless tattoo pens hinges on your individual preferences and needs. . Other factors include motor type, battery life, compatibility with needle cartridges, and additional features such as speed control and smartphone app integration. Match the pen’s features with your tattooing style and workflow.

  1. Can I use different brands of needle cartridges with my wireless tattoo pen?

Answer: Most wireless tattoo pens are compatible with a broad variety of cartridge needles. However, it is still necessary to carefully examine the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions to ensure that the tool is compatible with the chosen cartridges for optimal performance. Using compatible cartridges is essential for safety and enhancing tattoo quality.

  1. Are wireless tattoo pens safe to use?

Answer: Yes, wireless tattoo pens are safe and secure to use. Most reputable manufacturers include several safety features, including overcharge and short-circuit protection. Moreover, practice proper hygiene and sterilization practices using tattoo equipment to maintain safety for both the artist and their client.

  1. Do wireless tattoo pens require special maintenance? 

Answer: While maintaining wireless tattoo pens is generally effortless, they require routine servicing to maintain adequate performance. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, which may include pen cleaning procedures and regular loose part checks.

  1. Are wireless tattoo pens compatible with all tattooing styles?

Wireless tattoo pens are customizable to different tattooing styles, but some models can be more suitable for a specific technique than others. For example, a pen’s model and type, speed control, and needle cartridge compatibility should be considered when choosing a pen for fine line work, shading, or color realism.

  1. Can I travel with a wireless tattoo pen? 

Yes, you can travel with the tattoo pen is possible. Most models have travel elements, such as protective cases, compact and portable. However, follow the airline and travel regulations on carrying tattoo pen equipment to prevent being inconvenienced while traveling. 

  1. Are there any downsides linked to wireless tattoo pens? 

The disadvantages to using a wireless tattoo pen include requiring periodic charging and their prices; high-quality models are often costly. Additionally, some artists may prefer the feeling provided by the traditional corded tattoo machine. 

  1. Can I perform permanent makeup procedures with a wireless tattoo pen, cosmetological tattooing, and microblading? 

Many wireless tattoo pen models are capable of performing permanent makeup, such as microblading and cosmetological tattooing. Before using a tattoo pen, ensure it offers the necessary precision and control during the dangerous procedure to avoid irreversible mistakes and follow standard hygiene and safety protocols.