Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost

If Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost Creativity continues to push the boundaries in the dynamic world of tattoo craftsmanship. Among the latest advancements in this creative field is the introduction of a wireless tattoo battery, a groundbreaking departure from conventional tattoo power supplies. This article delves into the Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost captivating world of wireless tattoo batteries, presenting their cost and exploring their advantages and the diverse categories available to tattoo artists seeking to revolutionize their craft.


Cheyenne Rechargeable Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost

Price: $65.08

(Reduced from $83.99)

Manufacturer: TTOOGO

Price: $65.08 (Reduced from $83.99)


Lightweight design, long-lasting performance, fast charging, adjustable voltage levels, wireless convenience and the Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost.

Design: Weighing only 90g/3.17oz, designed for easy handling and comfort.

Long-Lasting Performance: 2400mAh lithium battery, a continuous current of 0.5A for all-day tattooing.

Rapid Charging: Achieves a full charge within 2 hours, thanks to a 1000mA charging current.

Adjustable Voltage Levels: 13 adjustable voltage levels with 0.5V per level for precise control.

Wireless Convenience: Compatible with Cheyenne tattoo machines and pens, offering a clutter-free workspace.

TTOOGO Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost


wireless tattoo battery cost: $56.24


Sleek black design, core upgrades for seamless tattooing, 1300mAh battery capacity, adjustable voltage, TYPE-C charging.

4 Core Upgrades: Secure circuit, straightforward operation, stable voltage, LED display.

Battery Capacity: 1300mAh, providing 3-6 hours of continuous work time.

Adjustable Voltage: Voltage range of 5-12V for various tattooing techniques.

TYPE-C Charging: Fully charged in approximately 3.5 hours, capable of over 4 hours of operation at 8V.

Universal RCA Compatibility: Works with all standard RCA interface tattoo machines.

Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost of OLED RCA Tattoo Battery Power Supply for Rotary Tattoo Machine Portable Rechargeable Coreless Motor for Tattoo Pen (OLED – Red)

Price: $25.99

 ($25.99$25.99 / Count)


Upgrade your tattoo game with our Mini Tattoo Lithium Battery. It offers precise voltage control, up to 8 hours of steady power, and a quick 3-hour recharge. The OLED screen shows your settings, and it’s portable and lightweight. You get the Tuffking Wireless Power Supply, USB cable, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost of Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine Wireless Tattoo Battery Power Supply Cost

Brand: Luqeeg

Cost: $54.98


Color: Black

Adjustable Voltage: Voltage is 5‑12V adjustable with 0.1V accuracy, with a digital display for precise control.

Fast Coloring: Stable voltage output for low skin damage and fast coloring.

Engraving: CNC one-piece engraving for durability and quiet operation.

Front Plate: Showcases a durable 10-slot plum blossom eccentric disk known for its resilience.

Rotation Scale: Rotary scale marks for intuitive and accurate needle adjustment.

Rotary Tattoo Gun Kit, Tattoo Machine Pen with Battery and Cartridges Needles, Easy Work Professional Makeup Gun (Black)

Price: $55.99 

($55.99$55.99 / Count)


Elevate your tattooing with Tuffking’s Tattoo Pen Kit. It’s easy to use, built to last, and lets you adjust needle length. The dedicated battery lasts 4.5 hours after a 3-hour charge. You’ll receive 1 pen, 2 power sources, 2 charging cables, and 2 bonus needles.

TTOOGO Tattoo Battery Pen – Professional Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen


Cost: $241.00


Color: Black

High-performance hollow cup motor (9V 12000 rpm) for efficient and precise tattooing with a reasonable cost of wireless tattoo battery

Constructed from premium-grade aluminum alloy and meticulously CNC carved to ensure long-lasting durability.

Embedded lithium battery boasting an impressive 1800mAh capacity, easily rechargeable using an Android USB data cable and Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost.

LCD screen shows working time, binary output voltage, and battery capacity.

Memory function retains the previous shutdown voltage, with a working voltage range of 5-12V.

Roman Tattoo Kit Wireless – Tattoo Pen Kit Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine with 2Pcs Wireless Battery Power for Beginner and Tattoo Artists

Price: $139.99 

($139.99$139.99 / Count)


Roman Wireless Tattoo Kit: 1 pen, 2 batteries. Pro-tested quality, lightweight design. 6 hours of use, 2-hour charge time. Trusted by professionals for over a decade.

Dragonhawk X7 Tattoo Pen Machine Wireless Rotary Tattoo Gun Smart Display 2 Replaceable Batteries 1,800mAh – Brushless Tattoo Motor by Mcore (PEN)

Price: $179.00 

($179.00$179.00 / Count)


Dragonhawk X7 Tattoo Pen Highlights:

    • Easy-to-read smart screen.

    • Up to 12-hour battery life.

    • Lightweight and comfortable design.

    • Quiet, powerful motor for all styles.

    • Choose from 5 voltage levels.

    • Smooth and precise operation.

    • Trusted by 2 million customers.

Mast Tattoo Tour Y22 Wireless Rotary Pen Machine Lightweight Short Battery Power Kit Supply (Mast Tour Y22, Purple)

Price: $149.99

 ($149.99$149.99 / Count)


Mast Tour Y22: 2022 update – lighter, LCD screen, and easy voltage adjustment. Works corded or cordless with a custom motor for smooth, efficient operation. Includes a replaceable battery and safety features.

Mummy Anubis Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine with Adjustable Stroke Length 2.2mm-4.2mm 2000mAh Battery (Anubis with Extra Battery)

Price: $299.99 

($26.78$26.78 / Ounce)


Choose this pen for easy tattooing with adjustable strokes. It has a long-lasting 2000mAh battery and offers 6-stroke options. The powerful motor ensures smooth operation. The package includes the pen, an extra battery, and a fast-charging cord.

Wormhole Tattoo Gun Wireless Tattoo Machine Wireless Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Cartridge Machine with 2100mAh Capacity Wireless Power Digital LED Display Tattoo Supply(Black)

Price: $46.99

 ($46.99$46.99 / Count)


Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost:

    • Wireless freedom

    • LED display for voltage

    • 10-hour battery

    • Adjustable voltage

    • Powerful motor

    • Compatible with standard cartridge needles

    • It is not recommended for beginners on the body.

Moteng Wireless Tattoo Machine 2000mAh Battery Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Pen Coreless Motor Tattoo Gun for Professional-KISS OF DRAGON Tattoo Artists

Price: -20% $79.99$79.99

 ($79.99$79.99 / Count)


Kiss of Dragon Wireless Tattoo Machine:

    • High-quality aluminum alloy

    • Lightweight at 292g, 8-hour battery

    • Custom Japan Coreless Motor: Fast and quiet

    • Upgraded Eccentric Wheel for stability

    • Adjustable voltage, 2000mAh battery

    • Advanced Direct Drive System

    • Quality assured with rigorous testing

    • Worldwide customer service.

Mast Tattoo Fold2 Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Gun Rotary Coreless Motor Power by Mcore, 7 Strokes Length 2.4mm-4.2mm Choose Digital Voltage Display for Studio Artists (One Battery)

Price: $183.99

($183.99$183.99 / Count)


[Customizable Tattoo Pen] Mast Fold2: 7 strokes, pro performance.

[Powerful & Stylish] Mcore motor, chic design.

[Wireless & Versatile] Portable and fits all styles.

EZTAT2 Wireless Tattoo Machine – 4.0mm Stroke Tattoo Pen Machine with 1800mAh Battery Power Supply Rotary Tattoo Gun Equipment Needle Cartridges for Professional Tattoo Supply (Portex 2S Purple)

Price: $129.89

 ($129.89$129.89 / Count)


Portex Gen 2S (P2S) ditches cords for total tattooing freedom. Its EZ motor delivers precision.

P2S boasts a Swiss Motor for potent, slightly noisier needle action.

Two modes for easy voltage control, ensuring perfect tattoos.

P2S works with all cartridge needles, excelling at both lining and shading.

EZ offers a 1-year motor warranty and lifetime coverage for non-wearable P2S parts. Avoid using a 3A plug to prevent battery damage.

Mast Tour Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Kit, Professional Rotary Cartridges Tattoo Gun Kit, Replacement Tattoo Battery Power Supply QP-001

Price: $124.99

($124.99$124.99 / Count)


Travel-friendly, loved by artists.

Precision for all styles.

Powerful yet gentle.

Light, adjustable, quiet.

Adored by 2 million worldwide. Kit includes pen, cordless battery, charger, and gift box.

INKin Cordless 2 CL2 Pen Wireless Battery Tattoo Machine Matte Xmas Green Swiss Motor 1800mAh Capacity Power Supply LED Display Tattoo Supply Equipment.

Price: $119.00 

($119.00$119.00 / Count)


INKin CL2: Ideal for artists and beginners. Adjustable voltage, low noise, and LED display.

Runs for 5 hours on a 2-hour charge.

Precision with a motor up to 10,800 RPM.

Fits most cartridge needles, compact and lightweight

, and has a year warranty. Package includes CL2 machine, Type C USB cable, and manual.

EZTAT2 P3 Wireless Tattoo Machine with 2,000mAh Battery Power Supply, Professional Lightweight Rotary Tattoo Pen Adjustable 6 Stroke Length 2.5mm – 4.0mm Red Color

Price: $169.89

 ($169.89$169.89 / Count)


P3 tattoo pen with 6-stroke options for versatile styles.

Keeps your voltage settings saved, making it your ideal work companion.

Powerful, quiet, and precise operation.

Works with most cartridge needle sizes for smooth and gentle tattooing.

P3 pen, Type-C charging cable, User Guide, 1-year warranty, and friendly customer service.

RHEIN Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Tattoo Rotary Machine Microshading Pen with 2 Pcs Battery Power Coreless Motor Digital LED Display for Ombre Eyebrows Eyeliner Lip EM162-2-US

Price: $199.99 

($199.99$199.99 / Count)


RHEIN’s New Style tattoo pen suits small tattoos and precision work like eyebrows and lips. It’s lightweight and easy to use, with an LED screen for voltage and power monitoring.

Made from CNC aviation aluminum with a Japanese coreless brush motor, it combines aesthetics with comfort for long tattoo sessions.

Includes two batteries for convenient on-the-go tattooing, each offering 2.5-4.5 hours of use.

Say goodbye to traditional plug-in machines. RHEIN’s wireless system ensures stable tattooing, improved precision, and freedom of movement and Wireless Tattoo Battery Cost.

Dragoart-T2 Wireless Tattoo Gun, Brushless Motor Wireless Tattoo Machine 4-12V LED Display Tattoo Battery 1300mAh, 3.5mm Stroke Rotary Pen Cartridges Needles for Tattoo Artist&Beginner, RCA Silver

Price: $149.99

 ($149.99$149.99 / Count)


The Dragoart T2 Wireless Tattoo Gun has a see-through window, a durable build, and a brushless motor for precise tattooing. It has a “Jump Start” battery feature and a unique “Ring Switch” for easy control. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 180-day warranty.

Tattoo Power Supply – Ambition Kuark Mini Wireless Portable RCA Tattoo 2400mAh Lithium Battery Pack with LED Digital Display for Rotary Tattoo Machine

Price: $59.99 

($59.99$59.99 / Count)


The Ambition Tattoo Power Supply is lightweight and compact for outdoor tattooing. It has a high-capacity lithium battery, quick charging, jumpstart support, and long-lasting stability. Compatible with most RCA tattoo machines. The package includes a power supply, cable, and storage box.

Cheyenne Hawk Pen, Tattoo Pen for Precise Designs, Tattooing Machine Perfect for both Lining and Shading, Black

Price: $568.99

 ($568.99$568.99 / Count)


    • Functions Like a Pen: This innovative design offers tattoo artists artistic freedom.

    • Reduced Vibration: Lower vibration and volume than similar products, suitable for lining and shading.

    • Adjustable Precision: Adjust the stroke from 3.5 mm (0.14 inches) and the needle depth from 0 to 4.0 mm (0 to 0.16 inches).

    • Anti-Roll Feature: Responsive mode prevents unintentional rolling, ensuring stability.

    • Unrestricted Mobility: Connects through a rotating jack connection, allowing maximum freedom of movement. The innovative jack cage protects the plug connection.

Dragonhawk X4 Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Kit, 7 Colors Tattoo Inks for Shading, 50Pcs Tattoo Cartridges Needles Mixed Sizes Round Liner Bugpin P-025

Bundle Was Price: $152.97$152.97
Bundle Price: $134.99$134.99
You Save: $17.98$17.98 (11%)


    • Our needles prevent ink from spitting back and make tattooing smoother. They work with various tattoo machines and come in packs of 50.

    • Dragonhawk tattoo ink uses natural pigments from the earth, ensuring the color is vibrant and long-lasting even after touch-ups. These inks are stable, easy to use, and efficient, providing dynamic shades and smooth skin absorption.
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