Unlock Your Creativity with the Wormhole Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

If you are looking to improve your tattooing skills, the Wormhole Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit is all you need. It is designed to offer beginners and professionals the high-level experience required to produce amazing tattoos. The kit is the perfect mix of high precision engineering, ergonomic design, and high technology engineered to make your tattoo dreams successful. Here is what makes the kit an excellent addition to your workplace.

The Perfect Craftsmanship for Improved Performance

Manufactured with CNC precision engineered aluminum alloy, the Wormhole Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine guarantees that you enjoy the maximum durability and wear resistance for continued performance. The small gap between accessories keeps it from heating up during operation to allow the accessory to continue giving the deed throughout .

High-Performance Motor for ultra Tattoos

This wireless rotary tattoo machine is fitted with a powerful motor to give a stable output with low vibration and minimal noise to enhance high performance with comfort to the maximum. The speed ranges between 10V-10000 rpm assures you get the best results with every tattooing stroke.

Wireless to Allow Total Freedom of Movement and Creativity

Enjoy the free movement and space by avoiding the disturbed cords leading and bringing off the groove. It weighs approximately 152 grams and a length dimension of 9 cm to allow your tattoo artistry to fly.

Perfect Choice for A Professional in The Art of Tattooing

Whether you are just a starter or a professional tattoo artist, the Wormhole Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine is designed to add ease in tattooing. With the adjustable stroke at a range of 3.5-4.0 mm, it makes it the most perfect choice for everyone. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to handle and control even for long hours without any issues.

A Complementary Package in The Whole Package: Inclusive value

In addition to the Wireless rotary tattoo machine, the Wormhole Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit comes packed with needles, ink, and all the accessory that makes it easy for you to start using the kit immediately. With this complete service, you can enjoy gifting your loved one as they grow their skills.

100% Satisfaction

Purchase the better option to ensure you have a quality tattooing experience. If you are not satisfied or you observe that the package arrives tampered, please contact us. We value and cherish your tattooing satisfaction, and we value it the most.

Unleash Your Creativity 

Now Do not let the outdated accessories limit you. Whether you want to start or upgrade your tattooing experience, the Wormhole Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit is uniquely the best. Access the best accessory for making tattoos and ensure you give your client the best tattoos that they will never regret.

Pack Your Creativity with TTOOGO Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kits

For a perfect versatility to rejuvenate your artistry, TTOOGO introduces the Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit. This professional tool targets both newcomers as well as experienced artists for an easy-to-work ability to produce masterpieces.

Combo Options that Suit Your Creativity

The four different combinations provided by TTOOGO rotary tattoo machine have been designed to easily fit different styles of tattooing. This is to enhance the ability of curious newcomers to reach horizons as well as further their artistry to achieving their dreams.

Solid Aluminium Alloy that Lasts

Moreover, the tattoo machines are made from noble and easy to clean material; Aluminium alloy, which assures the tattooist of durability for tough working conditions. Also, it is a common fact that this material is easier to maintain and perfect for the continued focus on artwork. Therefore, this product assures the focus on creativity.

Custom Voltage for the Perfect Art

Similarly, the tattoo machine’s power range size allows the artist to have perfect control over fine tattoos on his clients while determining the need for permanent lenses. The adjustable voltage range between 4.2-1.2V and an excellent operating range of 6-9V make for a perfect tattooing experience. Therefore, this assures fine-tuning your line to make the perfect piece of art.

Extended Battery Life for an Effective Experience

Interestingly, the battery operation capability of these machines assures focus; the battery power performance lasts up to 4 hours, which is conducive for prolonged hours of perfecting the art. Therefore, the downtime to charging is reduced to assure an uninterrupted artwork experience.

Power Head and Connectivity Design as well as Great Visibility

Consequently, for a brighter view of the device, the head has a power LED, which guarantees the visibility in the dark or dim light conditions for perfect creativity. Similarly, the RCA connector design makes machine setting-up convenient for operations. Therefore the focus is secured for a high creativity artwork. Let your artistry dreams come true with TTOOGO; whether curious or experienced artist, this tool is set for you.

Unleash Your Creativity with Hawink Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit 

Are you ready to bring your tattooing to the next level? Look no further than Hawink Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit. This kit has everything you need to create the most beautiful tattoos with ease and precision, and without the burden of cords and wires to distract you. 

Professional-Quality Tools for Professional-Quality Results

Hawink Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit is suitable for anyone, from beginners to the experienced tattoo masters. It features a powerful motor and perfectly engineered design that will help you maintain high stability and precision, as well as quiet operation, to focus on tattooing. 

Advanced Lithium Battery to Last Through a Few Sessions

Forget interruptions during tattooing with the Hawink Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit’s advanced lithium battery. It can last up to 5 hours of continuous work thanks to the battery capacity of 1600mAh on one full charging, helping you finish the most detailed tattoos without taking breaks. 

14 Vibrant Colors for The Most Vivid Tattoos 

The kit also comes with a set of 14 high-quality tattoo inks to make your tattoos as vivid and stable over time as possible. The colors are easy to use and have great color stability, thus ensuring the perfect absorption into the skin and longevity of tattoos. 

Complete Kit for Anyone, Beginners & Professionals

Whether you are just starting or have decades of experience, Hawink Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit has something to offer. Besides the rotary machine and the inks, the kit also comes with sterilized tattoo needles, tattoo cups, rubber gloves, grip cover tape, transfer paper, and practice skin. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Hawink, we strive for utmost customer satisfaction with the products we offer. In the unlikely case of dissatisfaction, reach out to our customer service, and we will take care of your problem in due time. 

Upgrade Your Tattooing to Higher Levels with Hawink


This kit is ideal for anyone, from someone eager to tattoo their first tattoo to a professional who seeks the best tools. With all the professional-quality tools, advanced lithium battery, vivid tattoo inks, and all the necessary accessories, you will create the most beautiful tattoos anyone will praise. Order today and unleash your creativity!