Unleash the Mastery of Traditional Tattooing with the Professional Coil Tattoo Machine 

When it comes to tattooing, the controlled precision of art depends on the quality of the tools used. For those aspiring for quality and experience, TTOOGO presents the Professional Coil Tattoo Machine. Constructed from hand-wound copper coil and pig iron carbon steel frame, this machine is built to improve tattooing to the next level. 

Unrivaled Craftsmanship 

Primarily, the attention-grabbing gloriousness of this Professional Coil Tattoo Machine lies in its craftsmanship. The hand-wound coil with high copper wire offers a stable and precise working environment for the artist, whether in lining or shading. Over all, the construction reflects only one thing – no other device can outdo this . 

Top-Notch Performance 

Second, performance was the key factor on the producer’s mind while developing this coil tattoo machine. The Professional Coil Tattoo Machine comes with contact rods that are wear-resistant, the shrapnel, and the shock springs. They work together to enable constant current, irrespective of how long an artist takes to complete a tattoo. 

Precise Engineering 

Lastly, the Professional Coil Tattoo Machine is a precise piece of equipment engineered to fit and hold well to your artistry. The hand-carved and polished frame and hooking posts fit together well structurally and functionally. An arsenal lock system holds the stabilizing handle well to offer a stable working position. This ultimately reduces the probability of error thus fine lines and perfect shades. 


In conclusion, the Professional Coil Tattoo Machine is an artwork in which traditional and modern tattooing meet to produce a masterpiece. It’s for artists that exhibit traditional quality artwork. Get yours today and take your tattooing game to another level.

TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine Guns: Unlocking Your Creativity 

The importance of equipment in the tattoo machine industry cannot be overemphasized. For our customers who value precision, durability, and artistic products, TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine Guns are designed to increase your valued set. The machine is handcrafted with copper wire there are also coils and a brass frame included in the manufacturing. In as much as the machine is a tool when it comes to our line of work, the TTOOGO machine is also a work of art. 

TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine Gun 

The technological world has sidelined traditional work of art and skill, handcrafting the machine is our work of art. The metallic frame of the tattoo machine is brass, which makes the machine delicate . The regular machine metal is prone to losing when it comes to maintaining stability and strength. The intricate copper wire coils utilized in the TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine Guns increases the aesthetic trait of the device. The frame and the wire coil are a detail that gives a show of the machinery and the art used in the tattoo industry. 

Durable Brass Frame

The tattoo demands skill as an artist in articulating detail. The frame being brass prevents the machine from extending life through improving the stability, a feature that is not common for other machines. 

Copper Wire Coils 

This increases the power supply that is essential when operating the gun. The power is desirable when designing the varies tattoo clients present. 

TTOOGO Wireless Coil 

The two machine guns have a different number of coil lining and shading. The two coils range between ten and twelve respectively , the above-mentioned value of coil increases the power that is supplied to the gun. 

The coil sizing increases the worker’s comfort

The lining describes the inking part while the shading is the paper drawn part. The lining ability lacks flexibility leading to general use directions one should follow the provided regulations when working with the machinery. There are always current changes depending on the coil value used due to inking and shading. 

The above descriptions are to help the client understand the need for the previous linings;

Variations result from the coil lining value. According to the previous information about machines working via current supplied, it’s apparent the undertakings need a certain current while working on it. TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine Guns have an operating voltage of 3.5v and a working voltage ranging from 6-7v. 

Due to varying pressure when inking or shading, the current must not be constant

The viewer shall be advised to direct to the current to the machine provided. TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine Guns are designed to sustain a certain period in which they can work without overheating. TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine Guns are not just a tool to what we do they are also an artistic inspiration. The above-mentioned gun should be utilized along with the artist’s machine. The most expensive items are of high quality, and so are the TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine Guns. It consists of handcrafting, durability, and positive work current.

The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader: Unleash Precision 

The world of tattooing demands precision. Whether you are creating a fine line design or shading with subtlety, the right tool can mean the difference. This is the purpose of the TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader created for precision fog shading. The hand-crafted machine assures to deliver consistent quality and perfect results every time. 

The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader

Precision Shading Featuring perfect shading, this machine created for fog is everything artist dreams of when working with subtle gradients and shading effects. The tool ensures that every time you stroke, it releases ink sparingly at the perfect consistency. Therefore, whether you are working a fine line or a detailed drawing, the machine assures flawless results while ensuring consistent performance. 

The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader

Stable Operations Eradicate erratic jumps and sporadic shading. The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader features a 47uf capacitor and a 7–9V stable working voltage. Therefore, it guarantees smooth and consistent performance throughout your shading process. Let the tool facilitate your freedom during your artistry and shading for you to perform with precision and freedom. 

The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader

Durable Designworks The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader is made from cast iron; hence it is durably constructed. This significantly extends your machine service life and robust performance. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, be sure that this tool will deliver consistent results and performance that you can trust. 

10 Copper Wire Coils 

Whether you are doing shading or fine detail work, efficient and consistent electrical flow is critical to an artist’s ability to perform. The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader has a standard 10 copper wire coils that make it last longer and work with stable power for consistent shading. 

Strong Magnetic Rear Seat 


The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader has a strong magnetic rear seat to enhance the tool’s performance and stability. The strong magnetic sensor will keep the rear seat knurled, stable, and smooth for longer periods to work with peace of mind to achieve the perfect shading. The TTOOGO Wireless Coil Tattoo Machine for Shader is a dream tool for all tattoo artists, be among them and purchase the tool to perfect shading.