Mast Tattoo Gun Kit Fold2 Pro Wireless Pen Machine Unleash your Creativity

Ready to take your tattooing to the next level? 

The Mast Tattoo Gun Kit Fold2 Pro Wireless Pen Machine designed for professional tattoo artists gives you the freedom and creativity you need to create stunning masterpieces. Thanks to its innovative design, powerful motor and adjustable strokes length, this cordless wireless tattoo machine lets you tattoo like never before. 

Strokes Length Adjustment Experience Tattooing As You Prefer

This Mast Tattoo Gun Kit Fold2 Pro Wireless Pen Machine allows artists to simply adjust the strokes length according to the preference. Experience seven stroke options between soft black and grey, color pack, color blend, and/or SMP work with the needle protrusions ranging from 2.4mm to 4.2mm by simply twisting the adjustment knob. From soft black and grey shading and packing color to color blending all that way to lining or SMP work, this wireless tattoo machine is proven to do anything you require it to do daily. 

For Tattoo Creative Studio Ideal for Professional Artists

Because of the professional tattoo artist’s requirements for the machine being required for each solace, lining, and shading, this Mast Cordless Tattoo Pen will allow you to do the pro-level lining, and shading you already. Give your imagination a free hand with this wireless tattoo pen machine to line and shade without a cable. Therefore, give this cordless tattoo machine for perfect professional tattooing if you have an inking facility.

Mcore-C1 powerful motor: Smooth and reliable performance

The Mast Tattoo Gun Kit Fold2 Pro Wireless Pen Machine comes equipped with the custom Mcore-C1 coreless motor for smooth and reliable performance and minimal vibration. Running at 12V-10500rpm, this powerful motor keeps each stroke of your tattooing precise. The Mcore-C1 doesn’t require maintenance, unlike traditional motors, so you can just focus on creating without worrying about any upkeep. 

Mastlabs tattoo battery power: Long-lasting stability

The Mast Tattoo Gun Kit Fold2 Pro includes two cordless batteries driven by Mastlabs technology to offer long-lasting stability and reliability. Each battery provides 6 hours of continuous tattooing with the assistance of just a single charge. Batteries’ charging time is fast- 1.5-2 hours. The batteries feature visible OLED displays for instant voltage level monitoring. They also impart ±0.1V voltage adjustment to have greater precise control. 

Pro tattoo needles kit: Reliable and versatile

The kit also includes a pro tattoo needles kit. Needles are made to get used in the way you need them. The perfect tension they’re engineered with reduces the stress on your tattoo machine thus improving its longevity. There are appropriate needles for fine lines, shading and color packing, greys, and big details on that list. All in all, pro needles kit fits all-purpose work. 

Versatile use: Perfect for any artistic style

Wireless and with the interchangeable strokes length, the Mast Tattoo Gun Kit Fold2 Pro Wireless Pen Machine is ideal for artists of any style, be it traditional, realism, neo-traditional, and more. With this cordless tattoo machine, you can unleash your creativity without limits.

Take Your Tattooing to the Next Level with the Mast Tattoo Gun Kit Fold2 Pro Wireless Pen Machine

Enjoy the benefits of a cordless tattoo machine, including adjustable strokes length, a powerful motor, exceptional battery life, and the quality inkwork that you expect from the best tools. Choose the right marker to provide you with the quality you need to perfect your tattooing and opt for the Mast Tattoo Gun Kit Fold2 Pro Wireless Pen Machine to expand your creativity and achieve impressive results.

EZ Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit Empower Your Artistry

Want to raise the bar of your tattooing experience? Introducing the EZ Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit, the next-generation set that will not only improve your current level but introduce new heights thanks to the convenient, performable, and versatile ideas it embodies. In this article, we will look at the highlights that make this kit a must-have for professional tattoo innovations. 

Experience the Freedom to Move with No Cords

First and foremost, the most evident difference this kit makes is immediate as you feel unbound due to the absence of cords. That’s right: enjoy the freedom of moving around your workplace without your motion being restricted by the tangled cords behind your machine. Whether you work on minor, subtle details or extensive, dense tattoos, the cordless option allows for greater versatility and precision throughout the session. 

Pro Tattoo Machine Kit for Pro Results

The Pro Tattoo Machine Kit by EZ is designed to present professional quality and make it your new standard while allocating the solution with long-lasting stability. The kit includes EZ P2S wireless tattoo machine and features a robust motor that affects the tattoing, an adjustable stroke length mechanism for your convenience, and mobility as well. With 40 cartridge needles, 100 Eco-friendly ink cups, and 200 machine covers, you’re fully equipped to deliver perfect tattoos within your reach.

Portex 2S Wireless Tattoo Pen for Outstanding Performance 

The EZ Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit features a Portex 2S Wireless Tattoo Pen at its core. The machine is completely cordless and dispenses with the use of a power supply to allow you to cure with complete mobility and freedom. Two forms of operation used to switch between High AC or Low DC voltage suitable for your ideal ink flow are available. An 1800mAh battery will ensure your battery and allows you to tattoo for around 5 hours on a single charge. 

Cartridge Needles in a Range of Sizes for More Flexible Tattoos

The EZ Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit includes 100 assorted cartridge needles from Revolution Tattoo, including 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 5RS, 7RS, 7M1, 9M1, 11M1, and 9CM. Needle cartridges match standard cartridge handles and machines and feature a safety membrane system that prevents you from inking the tube. The variety of sizes and needled configurations allow you to complete any tattooing task with ease and accuracy. 

Warranty of 1 year 

With the purchase of an EZ Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit, you get a 1-year guarantee at your ease. Excluding the electrical components body, more parts of your P2S wireless tattoo machine will be covered for the life of the machine. The engine will be insured for a year starting from the point of purchase. This ultimate warranty protection ensures that you have support for a gun that is both durable and portable.

The EZ Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit

The Key to Unlocking Your Creativity! Whether you are an experienced professional or a new learner, the EZ Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit is a gateway to your creative freedom. This cordless tattoo gun kit is designed to suit professional use, including cartridge needles of your choice. The professional tool is all you need to bring your drawing to life. Buy the EZ Wireless Tattoo Gun Kit, and trim your tattooing to a level.

Unleash Your Creativity with the Mast Tour Tattoo Kit

The Ultimate Cordless Wireless Tattoo Machine

Are you looking to take your tattooing experience to the next level. Look no further than the Mast Tour Tattoo Kit. The kit offers an all-inclusive set to enable you to draw beautiful tattoos with convenience, ease, and precision. The cordless wireless functionality and distinct features associated with the Mast Tour Tattoo Kit make it perfect for both seasoned tattoo artists and fresh starters. 

Free Yourself with Cordless Discovery

The Mast Tour Tattoo Kit offers you a chance to say goodbye to tangled cables and limited movement altogether. The cordless nature allows you to propel seamlessly around the workspace without running closer to the cable. Whether working on a client or learning how to perfect the art, you will altogether find the Mast Tour Tattoo Kit suitable for all your needs. 

Accuracy Engineering for Phenomenal Results

The Mast P20 Tattoo Gun is the center of the Mast Tour Tattoo Kit. The innovative rotor shaft pen rotates built-in MCORE engines designed for precision and performance. The Mast P20 gun works for the lines, black & Grey shading, and solid pigment. It is tailored to accommodate your voltage and stroke settings in preparation for your preference and strategy. 

An Artist’s Tattooing System

The Mast Tour Tattoo Kit is by artists, for artists. The Mast P20 tattoo gun is powered by a 1000mAh battery that allows you to tattoo continuously for up to 6 hours. The gun is lightweight, and the comfort is grasped in case the machine is being used on protracted projects. 

It’s no Contradiction

Whether you’re a professional or profanely tattoo artist, the Mast Tour Tattoo Kit is always an artist’s friend. 

Quality is Assured

The Mast P20 tattoo gun has been tested by tattoo professionals in various studios, and the technology has been used by millions of Tattoo artists worldwide. That’s saying Mast P20 Tattoo Gun is one of the best you can invest your interests. The 1-year warranty will keep your mind in a restful state. 

Elevate Your Surreal Experience


The Mast Tour Tattoo Kit is designed for us all, experienced or fresh starters alike.100% rely on the experience of drawing with a reel cable and say goodbye to cables at once. Say HI to the 360 united kingdom’s only cordless system! Order Your Today.