BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle

The art of tattooing, dating back thousands of years, has always been about inspiration and creativity. The BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is the groundbreaking combination of innovative technology and ergonomic ease that helps artists unlock new level is tattooing. This comprehensive review will outline the unique features, advantages and versatility of the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle. It will also discuss why this machine has become a game-changer in the field of tattooing. 

Performance Guaranteed by Precision Engineering 

At the heart of the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is the BRONC Staves Rotary Pen . The four main colors of the device are Black, Gray, Red, and Green. It works with a Swiss DC motor that has 12,000 RPM in no-load mode. The user is guaranteed a smooth and consistent tattooing experience throughout the session. The BRONC Staves Rotary Pen is only 190 g in weight with a 27*135 mm size, providing the user with an experience of perfect control that will enable the completion of even the most complicated tattoos. 

Power to Last the Whole Session 

The BRONC Staves Rotary Pen comes with an 1800 mAh battery that can provide 4-7 hours of continuous tattooing. This product is the perfect choice for busy tattoo parlors with long sessions. Additionally, the pen uses Type-C Fast Charge technology that recharges the battery in 2-2.5 hours. The voltage output level of the BRONC Staves Rotary Pen is 5.0-12.0V, while the recommended working voltage is 5.5-7.5V . Users can adjust the tattoo machine to their exact individual preferences according to their personal technique.

BIG WASP Cartridge Needles: Enhanced comfort and control

The high-grade BIGWASP Assorted Cartridge Needles are a perfect match for the BRONC Staves Rotary Pen. These cartridge needles are designed to ensure that tattooing is invariably comfortable and gives the artist the ultimate control. They have a finger ledge on every tip grip that minimizes vibrations and reduces fatigue, enabling the artist to maintain the highest level of precision no matter how long the session goes. The package has 50 mixed cartridges which are crafted of PVC and stainless steel (1203RS, 1205RS, 1207RS, 1209RS, 1211RS), providing the artist with a wide range of needles according to their tattooing needs. 

Safety and reliability: peace of mind

Above all, the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle guarantees safety and reliability. This allows artists and their clientele to focus on the artistic process instead of worrying about the device’s safety. With an overload protection, overcurrent protection, and automatic power-off should the machine fail, knowing that your machine is a solid and reliable instrument is critical for an artist. 


All in all, the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is more than an assortment of instruments. This bundle is a direct pathway to the world of creation, intricacy, and novelty in the world of tattooing. This bundle encourages the artist to explore his or her artistic abilities and broaden the lines of imagination. Both seasoned pros and newbies will need this package. BRONC is your solution if you desire to take your tattooing to the next level.

Unlock Unrivaled Tattooing Precision and Versatility with the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle 

Tattooing is an age-old tradition that embodies the art of creativity and skill. The demand lies behind the perfection, and professional tattoo artists desire to achieve the optimal drawing with the use of uncontrollable, unreliable, and less versatile equipment. Thus, the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is born to serve its significant features, benefits, and unrivaled performance and why it stands as the best selection for tattoo artists, particularly professional ones.

Precision Fused with Versatility
The BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle embodies prolific precision engineering and versatility. The BRONC Max Tattoo Pen remains the masterpiece hub combining sophistry as well as creativity. The adjustable stroke length covers 2.5mm to 4.0mm giving the artist the utmost control between different tattooing styles and techniques . Whether shading, line work, or packing color the BRONC Max Tattoo pen ensures the tattooist unleashes his creativity while exercising precision. 

Battery Performance without Match and Quick Recharge 

The BRONC Max Tattoo Pen powers from a resilient 2,100mAh battery flushed to enable a prolonged tattoo session. The work time for the tattoo session runs from 6.0 to 10.0 hours device tested! When charging is due, the Type-C Fast Charge technology becomes applicable to see the recharging completed in about 2-3 hours. Dependency is minimized due to the time taken for recharging thus making the device most productive due to minimal downtime. Focus on your artistry utterly when it comes to the BRONC Max Tattoo Pen!

The BRONC Max Tattoo Pen Swiss High-Speed Motor for Seamless Tattooing 

Given the BRONC Max Tattoo Pen’s ability to execute even the most intricate of designs, one may assume that the high-speed motor lies at its core. The tattoo pen brags of a customized Swiss high speed motor designed to produce sufficient power and level of precision. The rotary tool is powerful enough to allow for the smooth running of the tattoo pen while perfectly ensuring exact artists’ drawings. The high power rotary machine may be used it produce fine lines or a combination of black and gray, be assured of it only perform reliably all through the projects. 


In addition to the pen, the complementary BRONC Max Tattoo Pen are the BIG WASP 4th Gen Assorted Tattoo Needle Cartridges. It sets the bar for innovation, convenience, and compatibility, and the translucent tips allow an artist to see the needle arrangement. Our artist uses a mix of #10 Bugpin RL needles,; 1003RL, 1005RL, 1007RL, 1009RL, and 1011RL, and each set includes 10 needles per dermal tattoo. These needle cartridges come with a membrane barrier to prevent spilling and are also compatible with all rotaries/coiled machines and hawk machines Sleek design for professional appeal .


BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is not just another set of tools but a key to the creative transformation, and ensuring the precision work, and innovation in the tattooing field . Precision engineering, unparalleled battery performance, Swiss high-speed motor, needle cartridges for all occasions, and sophisticated appearance – all these features make this bundle the best option for the professional tattoo artist. Regardless of whether you are a master or beginner in the world of tattoos, BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is your best working solution, the key to your creative development, and the results you want to achieve, one masterpiece at a time.

Introducing the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle 

As a professional tattoo artist, your journey is one of self-expression and mastery, and your tools are your constant companions this is why the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle revolutionizes your craft. The following paper investigates the features, benefits, and sheer innovation brought to the table. 

Precision Engineering 

The BRONC V2 Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen is at the heart of the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle, an unmatched piece of precision engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Coreless Motor

Coreless Motor and 2,000mAh battery are included for unparalleled performance, and reliability is assured by the pen. Another feature is the stroke length of 3.5mm, which can be used for both lining and shading, meaning that there is an unmatched degree of creativity accompanying it. 

High-Performance Features 

The BRONC V2 Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen boasts high-performance features to boost the tattooing process. Moreover, with a 9.0V jump start, OCP Overload protection, and a Swiss DC motor that can reach 11,000rpm, it ensures consistent and precise results every time. It also assays a lightweight design, with only 230g, which combines with adjustable needle depth so that the artists can work for as long as needed. 

Extended Work Time and Compatibility 

Extended work time and compatibility are the feature that sets apart the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle. The two replaceable batteries that provide 7-9 hours of work experience mean that the artist can tackle even the most demanding projects without interrupting their workflow, while the cartridge needles will fit most standard tattoo cartridge grips and machines.

Safety and Anti-backflow Design

Safety always comes first when it comes to tattooing. Therefore, BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is designed with safety and sanitation in mind. BRONC Assorted Tattoo Cartridge Needles are packaged into individual plastic and sealed sleeves. This ensures you work in a sterile place and with peace of mind. Additionally, the professional silicone membrane system prevents ink backflow- an issue that would lead to ink contamination. 

Complete Package for Ultimate Convenience

BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is a one-stop solution for all your tattooing desires. It contains all necessities at your disposal, including BRONC V2 Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen is vivid red and 50 pieces set assorted Bugpin RL Cartridge Needles. Besides, a Type-C fast charge cord, two rechargeable batteries, charger, RCA head replacement, and O-rings are there to facilitate the best out of you. 


Elevate Your Craft with the BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle In conclusion, BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is not just tools but a full package of the solution set for professionals looking for precision, reliability, and sturdiness. It has numerous optimized designs as well as functionalities and extended work hours, safety and sanitation features. Whether a tattoo artist is a professional expert or a promising artist, BRONC Wireless Tattoo Machine Bundle is the best friend that will enable them to bring out the best of their creativity and take their mastery to a higher level.