STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Machine Elevate Your Tattooing Experience

As tattooing continues to evolve, so must the tools used in this field. Meet the STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Machine, the most advanced tool that will change the way you approach tattooing. From precision engineering to highly advanced features, this wireless machine will definitely make a huge difference for any professional or aspiring artist.

Here is why: Best Wireless Tattoo Gun

Power and Reliability

The STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Machine is equipped with a coreless motor and a 2000mAh battery that provides you with 12 hours of working hours on a single charge. Say goodbye to annoying cords and hello to complete freedom to move around while realizing brilliant work.

Precision and Versatility

The linear direct drive system together with a low-frequency motor ensures high output power and low noise and vibration. The needle in the machine ranges from 0-4mm, while the stroke length is 3.5mm, enabling maximum customization to suit your unique style better. A 5-12V output range with fine adjustments ensures complete control over the whole tattooing process.


The user-friendly LCD visual screen ensures that you can operate the machine without much effort. With a simple touch of a few buttons, you will be able to change settings, monitor the battery, and easily maneuver between different modes. The screen also has an automatic shutdown feature and a protective overcharge system for safe operation.

50PCS of STIGMA Aquamarine Knight Tattoo Cartridge Needles

Achieve your artistic vision with the 50pcs of STIGMA Aquamarine Knight Tattoo Cartridge Needles, which come in assorted sizes 0.35mm to cater to all types of tattooing applications. From bold lines to intricate details, these needles are made of 304 surgical stainless steel and high-standard medical plastic and sterilized and individually pack for safety and quality. The round and flat tip needles allow you to create detailed works and controlled shading to execute your vision as you see it in your mind’s eye with perfect precision.


The Ultimate Tattooing Machine

It does not matter if you are a new tattoo artist or have years of experience under your belt the STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Machine will forever change your tattooing experience. The STIGMA tattoo machine allows you to perform at a high level with its advanced features and easy-to-use technology giving you control to execute your distinctive artistic style and finesse while working your magic. Order your STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Machine now and soar to unimaginable tattooing heights. 


Is the STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Machine recommended for beginner use?

Yes, the STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Machine is recommended for beginners; the machine is easy to use, versatile and allows you to perform at the highest level possible without any hustle. 

For how long can the STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Machine last without charging the battery?

The STIGMA OWEN machine has a 2000mAh battery that can last up to 12 hours with one full charge under normal working conditions. 

What tattoo machine can I use with the free tattoo needles? 

The STIGMA Aquamarine Knight Tattoo Cartridge Needles are predatory with both standard cartridge tattoo machines and grips for novice and advanced tattoo artist convenience.

Professional Tattooing with Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine: 

Your Tattoo Ink Pen

When it comes to tattooing, being precise while also being able to cover grounds is always in high demand. This is why Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine is the next level of professional tattoo machine that offers optimal features enabling unparalleled performance. Put innovation and cutting-edge technology in your hands to be a boundaryless artist pushing the envelope like never before. 

What special about it apart from feeling like an extension of your arm that it is actually wireless! 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we have stroke options with adjustable lengths. Precisely, you can change it on 7 levels, stroking 2.4 to 4.2 mm. As a tattooist, you can circle between heaps with ease; B/G soft, pakcing, blending, or lining the wireless tattoo pen will do it all perfectly. 

Give your tattoo pen machine power

Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro is equipped with Mcore-C1 Motor Technology which offers an Ultra Power No-Snag Motor. It will powerfully.yet smoothly glide through the thickest skin. Perfect balanced performance between lines and shading making it a great tattoo pen for oitlining and color packing. 

How long can I work with Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro as a battery of the tattoo pen machine? 

You can use two replaceable batteries which give you and 7 hours of non-stop power with one charging . With an output of 8V, you are charging both batteries in 1.5-2 hours. You also have an OLED display on teh battery making it easy to twist the voltage for a perfect result. With its seamless integration and outstanding reliability, the Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine is specifically designed for professional tattoo artists. Thanks to its seamless compatibility with the Mast Fold tattoo pen, you can obtain the perfect fit without interruptions during your tattooing sessions. 


Furthermore, the Mast Fold Tattoo Pen Battery is composed of eco-friendly materials that have undergone stringent quality testing to ensure maximum environmental friendliness and safety for users. This makes it the appropriate device for tattoo artists at all levels. The Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine enables you to express yourself. 


If you’re an experienced tattoo artist or a young enthusiast, this is the tool for you. Thanks to its cutting-edge features The Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine will help you break into the art of tattooing and create beautiful masterpieces with confidence . Invest in the Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine now and begin your tattooing journey. Then, make use of it to expand your professional toolkit. 

Can I Efficiently Tattoo With Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine? 

Certainly. With its ability to adjust stroke lengths, you can tattoo with the aid of the Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine in a variety of styles including soft black and grey, packing color, and blending or lingual. 

How Long Can a Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro Battery Lasts? 

A Mast Tattoo Fold2 Pro battery can last seven hours of continuous operation. Is It Suitable for Professionalism? Absolutely, especially if you value convenience.

Hawink Best Wireless Tattoo Gun

Unleash Your Creativity with the Hawink Wireless Tattoo Kit If you are looking to expand your tattooing capabilities to new horizons, the Hawink Wireless Tattoo Kit will become your new best friend. With the help of this comprehensive set of tools, every aspiring or professional artist can bring their unique vision to life. Due to its wireless capabilities and premium-quality materials, this kit offers unmatched convenience and performance and allows you to set your imagination free without any cords and outlets. 

Perfect Your Tattooing Experience 

The Hawink Wireless Tattoo Kit contains everything you need to express your artistic soul. Apart from the high-power rotary tattoo machine with a stroke of 3.5mm, this kit also contains a technically-advanced tattoo ink set with 14 bright colors. On top of that, you will discover a variety of other accessories, such as tattoo needles, cups of different sizes, rubber gloves, tape for the grip cover, transfer paper, and practice skin. Thus, you will have the grounds and inspiration needed to experiment with different tattoo types and styles effortlessly. 

Wireless Freedom for Tattoo Artists 

Throw away your cords and enjoy moving around with the Hawink Wireless Tattoo Kit. The mini lithium battery included in the set has a 1600mAh capacity, which is enough for your long tattooing hours. You will get 3-5 hours of pure tattooing pleasure on a single charge, without being tied to a power outlet. The LED display shows your battery’s remaining power and allows you to adjust the voltage according to your needs to achieve ultimate performance.

Quality You Can Trust

When it comes to tattooing, quality is crucial. And at Hawink, we understand that better than anyone else. Our wireless tattoo kit is accompanied by 100% brand-new, high-quality components the items that professional tattoo technicians rely on daily. Whether it is the durable rotary tattoo machine or the long-lasting tattoo inkset every item is crafted to fulfill the highest standards. Trust Hawink use only the best to create spectacular tattoos with confidence. 


Easy to Work With Best Wireless Tattoo Gun

Our new wireless tattoo kit is designed for ease of use and versatility. From an experienced tattoo artist to a beginner, anyone can use the kit without any difficulties. Our rotary tattoo machine comes with a 3.5mm stroke and adjustable needle depth to help you customize the tattooing experience. Our tattoo inkset has 14 vibrant colors that are easy to work with and blend. Therefore, it is easy for you to play with different shades and effects on the skin.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We care about our customers. If you have any questions about the tattoo kit, our customer service team is ready to assist 24/7. If you have any difficulties using the kit, if you receive a faulty one – feel free to contact us. We want to make your experience as smooth as possible. On the label of the ink, there is a LOT it is not an expiration date. The LOT is the date of production, so you are getting high-quality, fresh ink.

Your Creativity with the Hawink Wireless Tattoo Kit

Do you want to achieve premium quality tattooing with no cords and restrictions? 

The Hawink Wireless Tattoo Kit is a perfect solution for professional tattoo artists seeking a convenient and versatile tattooing tool and beginners dreaming of uncovering the art of tattooing. This kit is a top-notch product that enables you to give life to your creative ideas and tattoo that last a lifetime. Make the Hawink Wireless Tattoo Kit yours and enjoy freedom and flexibility while tattooing.

Product Information Accuracy and Consumer Awareness 

The importance of ensuring that product information is accurate for both manufacturers and consumers cannot be emphasized enough. In the digital era, with the growing popularity of online shopping, consumers should always have access to accurate, fair information. Even though every attempt is made to ensure that manufacturers’ ingredient lists are accurate, some manufacturers change their ingredients or packaging, which may create discrepancies. 


At Dragonhawk, we are fully aware of the importance of providing our products consumers with accurate and trustworthy information. We make our best to ensure that all aspects of our business, including providing details about the wireless tattoo machine, disclosed with the highest integrity level. Still, the following is crucial for all the consumers and ignored at their own risk: 

Manufacturer’s responsibility

Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their product information is accurate and updated. In the case of any changes, they should properly notify consumers of these alterations to avoid misinformation or confusion. 

Consumer awareness

Even though Dragonhawk makes every attempt to provide accurate information, it is the consumers’ responsibility to check the details prior to making a purchase. Checking the ingredient list or the does not contain parts of a product is essential. High-risk product usage. In cases when products are used where serious health or safety risks are posed, in this case, tattoo machines, consumers must exercise caution. Always consult with a health care professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding product utilization. 

Regulatory restrictions

In the United States, some products, such as dietary supplements, are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration . However, not all products are regulated, meaning some items may not be monitored for accuracy. It is the consumers’ responsibility to ensure that whatever they buy is legitimate. 

Return policies


Finally, ethical retailers like provide return policies that give consumers their money back if they feel dissatisfied. Make sure to read the return policy before making a purchase to avoid wasting your money. Overall, both consumers and manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that everyone is transparent with all the information disclosed. Since consumers have better access to up-to-date information, they have the power to become more informed and hold manufacturers accountable for what they claim. If you have questions or concerns about any of Eaglehawk’s products, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to resolve the issue for you.