Introducing the Phomemo M08F Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer, a new tool ensuring the process of stencil tattooing is simple and convenient, without a compromise in the quality of work prepared. This portable thermal printer is transforming the way you create tattoo stencils by providing an opportunity to print them as needed. The new technology can be taken to different locations, guaranteeing maximum efficiency due to high-quality prints. 

Compacted Structure for Outside-Studio Needs

Less-than-30-centimeters-square tattoo printer is created while keeping an ergonomic pocket-sized design in mind. Weighing 2 lbs, this printer is suitable to carry in a bag or a briefcase. When drawing a new tattoo at the studio or wishing to work on one while on the road, Phomemo’s M08F bottom-friendly design allows the user to fulfill any of the needs fully. 

Printer with a Simple Printing Process for Faster Outcomes

Having this printer, there is no need to think about refilling ink cartridges or toners. The thermally printed tattoo device does not use traditional ink, toner, or ribbon. The only essential thing to use is a special type of thermal paper with no smudges created. Unlike a traditional printer, the price per sheet with the Phomemo M08F digital tattoo device is only $0.12.

Seamless Connectivity

Printing from a smartphone or PC is a breeze with the Phomemo M08F Tattoo Stencil Printer. Print your files on-the-go with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The M08F allows you to quickly print PDF, Word, photos, web pages, and more on your smartphone from any location. Alternatively, connect the printer to your PC or laptop via USB to print your documents. If you’re using PC or laptop, you can download the driver from to start printing your stencil tattoo .

Exceptional Print Quality

The Phomemo M08F Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer produces flawless results in your tattoo stencil. Every tattoo stencil you print with the M08F is sharp, clear, and always on-point. Whether you’re duplicating intricate artwork or simple outlines, you can trust the M08F to capture every detail accurately. With the monochrome nature of the printer, it will print high-quality and fitting black and white print perfect for stencil tattoo.

Optimal Performance with Certified Consumables

The Phomemo M08F Tattoo Stencil Printer needs specially designed thermal paper to perform at its best. The thermal paper used in the M08F printer is designed to work flawlessly with this printer, providing you with perfect prints every time. Please note that the thermal paper used in the M08F is not the same as regular paper; therefore, certified consumables must be used for it to function effectively.

Phomemo M08F Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer: Revolutionize Your Stencil Process 

Introduction In the ever-evolving field of tattoo artistry, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. Whether you’re in the market for traditional full-color designs or more contemporary blackwork styles, having the proper tools can mean the difference between a satisfactory piece and a masterpiece. Meet the Phomemo M08F Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer, a portable thermal machine that will change the way you create stencils from now on. 

Travel-sized Device 

The Phomemo M08F Tattoo Stencil Printer is engineered with mobility in mind. At 2 lbs and 1.5 inches long, this device is compact and slim . With its thinness, you can comfortably take it with you wherever you go. There’s no need to worry about messily carrying it in your bag or briefcase, allowing you to focus solely on your tattoo experience. Perfect for your studio, client’s house or a convention trip. 

Expense-free Thermal Machine 

Say goodbye to printers with messy ink cartridges and toners the Phomemo M08F Tattoo Stencil Printer uses the power of thermal technology, making it unnecessary to refill with traditional ink, toner or ribbon . Instead, the boot comes with specially designed tattoo transfer paper to print stencils neatly and without smudging. Also, the cost of using this paper is around $0.12 per sheet, making this device cost-effective over time instead of using ink on paper.

Seamless connectivity options

Do you want to print from your mobile phone, and sometimes, do you prefer to print from the PC? Phomemo M08F Tattoo Stencil Printer provides you a complete system to accomplish your need. It has built-in Bluetooth technology to print PDF files, Word files, image files, webpage files directly through your phone from anywhere. The convenience of this technology features without using USB cable. On the other hand, for PC or laptop, you can easily print by connecting Printer to PC and laptop by pass using USB cable. 

Phenomenal print quality

Phomemo M08F Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer offers excellent print quality. It provides you with the best and reliable stencil print clear and perfect quality every time. Phomemo M08F allows you to print the most extensive and the ideal design with details. M08F is a monochrome printer that only supports black and white color. Thus, the print quality offers you great performance in stencil tattooing.

Optimal performance with certified consumables

This printer requires consumables to print the stencil. It has a kind of special thermal paper that allows highly innovative-technology to print the output to perform smoothly. This consumable-like thermal paper is manufactured with the technology. Standard formulates others specifically to be use with M08F to get the outstanding output. Thus, the utilization of these consumables offers optimal performance to the device.

Revolutionize the Way You Create Tattoo Stencils The ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer

Precision and efficiency are the cornerstones of the tattoo industry. When making tattoos, you must ensure your consolidates are transferred as accurately as possible to stencil paper to ensure a job well done; there is no room for error. Introducing the ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer, the most advanced device developed to make the stencil transfer a breeze with accuracy.

Transfer Your Designs with Ease

The ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer makes it incredibly easy to transfer your designs to stencil paper. This deluxe machine allows you to accurately and quickly copy your chosen design to transfer papers, capturing every detail in the piece, ensuring that nothing is left out. Whether your work demands intricate patterns or chunky, graphic pieces, the ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer guarantees superior results with every use.

Fast Transfers for Better Production

In the tattooing industry, time is critical, and ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer helps you get your work done quickly. The Printer’s impressive transfer printing speed allows you to process and completes the transfer in a fraction of the time of normal methods. This speeds up the workflow, gives you more time to devote to other customers, and helps you take on more work.

Low Heat, Low Noise and High Stability

Here we present a very optimum performance Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer, the ATOMUS. Concerning its heat output, users are guaranteed that no transfer papers will be damaged during the printing process. Moreover, the device also functions with minimal noise, offering fantastic service to both user and client specifically. Additionally, the gadget performs stably, without processing any disturbances now and then.

What You Get in the Package

Upon purchase, you will receive an ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer with all you need. In addition to the tattoo thermal copier, the package comes with a power supply cable and an instruction book. This way, the installation and operation process becomes simple and convenient. You do not have to purchase anything else separately as everything is already included in one package. Hence, you can start transferring your designs onto stencil paper hassle-free and quickly.

Tips on Best Transfer Effect

To achieve the best transfer effect, you should also follow some or tips while using this tattoo transfer machine. For instance, after transferring 1-2 sheets of paper, allow the machine to rest for several minutes . This way, the machine will not overheat, and you will enjoy consistent performance. Additionally, keep in mind that this machine can only print line graphs, meaning it may not be suitable for models with shading parts.

Compatible with US Electrical Outlets

It is important to note that the ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer is compatible with US electrical outlets. If you reside outside the US, you may consider purchasing an adaptor or converter to use this tattoo transfer machine. Always remember to check for compatibility before purchase to avoid malfunctioning.



To conclude, the Phomemo M08F Bluetooth Tattoo Stencil Printer has positioned itself as a necessary tool for any artist who wishes to upgrade his tattooing process. Whether you find its compact design appealing, a thermal printing technology that causes nobody any trouble, opportunities in connectivity and consumables use, or high-quality print performance good – the M08 F has all it takes to revolutionize your tattooing stenciling experience. Try the Phomemo M08F Tattoo Stencil Printer today and ensure your tattooing reaches a new level you never even dreamt of!


This product review demonstrates that the ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer is a unique apparatus that revolutionizes how tattoo designs are transferred to the body. Moreover, its features of easy design transfer, printing speed, low heat, low noise a few to mention enable this innovative equipment to support seamless tattoo transfer. Upgrade your workflow and advance your tattooing skills by choosing the ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine Printer.